Dog / Cat Rocky Resin Collar Tag


The Rocky Tag is made of colourful rocks and since they are around 5mm-8mm big they can't be made in small tags.

All of our tags are made from epoxy and are coated with UV resin to ensure that your pets names will never rub off. A jump ring is added to every tag to improve the structural integrity of the loop and prevent breakage.

You can choose the font from our selection provided. Your phone number can be added to the back of any tag. 

Tags are durability tested but are not indestructible. They are not meant for chewing or extreme rough housing. All tags come with metal rings to attach to your pet's collar, make sure the tag is not hanging too low to prevent chewing.

Bone Tag L - 5.8cm / 4cm

Bone Tag XL - 6.5cm / 4cm