Truelove P-Chain Nylon Pet Collar Adjustable Reflective Pull-resistant TLC5371



1. P chain collar

When the pulling force is large, the P chain will shrink and tighten, and the pet will slow down.Prevent pets from bursting and easy to control.


2.Dyed-yarn ribbon of nylon

Compared to ordinary nylon webbing, Dyed-yarn ribbon of nylon feels softer and more comfortable. Pet wear does not wear skin, and it is tough and durable.


3.3M reflective

Weaving 3M reflective strips to reflect nighttime glare to ensure the safety of pets at night.


4.Aluminum alloy buckle

Does not irritate the skin, is firm and not easily corroded.


5.SBR neoprene

It is delicate, soft, elastic, comfortable, and does not irritate the skin, allowing pets to embrace and enjoy themselves.



Color -  Orange