Truelove Pet Double-sided Brush Comb Stainless Steel Needle Bristles Hair Brush



Type: Truelove Double-sided Brush Comb-TLK23131


Material: Stainless Steel Needle,Raw Bamboo Production


Color: Original bamboo


Size:S / M / L 



1. Dot stainless steel brush needle


It is not easy to spread bacteria and is not easy to generate static electricity. It can prevent pet hair from flying and knotting again, which can promote blood circulation and facilitate metabolism..


2.Air cushion breathing hole


For safety and comfort, it is resistant to mold and moisture, and it has a long service life.Not a steel pin is missing.


3.Bristles Hair brush


Massage the pet's fur,allows pets to play a role in blood circulation Bring more care to the little pet.Simple and comfortable experience.


4.Original bamboo pattern


Keeping environmentally friendly bamboo products, each comb has its own unique texture.