Pet Durable Single Bowl Non-slip With Raised Stand - Black

€9.95 €7.45


  • Stylish,and durable. Removable structure.
  • Bottom non-slip design : Prevent the dog food from being sprinkled and used as a water bowl to prevent splashing. At the same time increase the amount of dog movement and eating fun.
  • Sloping slope design - preventing food spills,Appropriate tilt angle, in line with the pet's habits, can better help pets eat and protect their spine.
  • Transparent PC material bowl - not easy to break the cat bowl.
  • Large area base - not easy to shift and pour ,bottom protects against slip and noise.
  • Independent design: multi-purpose bowl, drink the right diet,more user-friendly design, easy to clean, beautiful appearance, durable.


  • Material :PC,ABC
  • Item Type :Pet Supplies
  • Pet: dog, cat
  • Size : 15x15x8cm
  • Weight:150g